Portable Media Players Seen as Hot Holiday Item

One of the hottest items on U.S. toy store shelves this holiday season might be a portable entertainment player (and no, not the Microsoft one), experts say, aimed at “tweens,” the fickle preteen demographic with waning interest in traditional toys.

Hasbro, the No. 2 toy maker, is selling a color player called VideoNow, a handheld device that costs about $75 and plays video discs of selected television shows.

Rival toy maker Mattel is expected to roll out a competing product called Juice Box this fall in time for the holiday shopping season. Juice Box, which will cost about $69.99, will appeal to a slightly older child and will play music videos, television shows, animation and full-length movies.

Juice Box will also have a digital photo album capability and MP3 music player.

Source : https://gigaom.com/2004/07/19/portable-media-players-seen-as-hot-holiday-item/

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